• Cofra Group

      Cofra Group

      The COFRA Group of companies are mainly active within the following industries:

      • retail
      • real estate
      • private equity investment management
      Each of our businesses operate independently while upholding the mission of our shareholders and the values that bind the COFRA Group together. Our businesses also enable us to invest in philanthropic programmes around the world.


      Cofra Map


      COFRA Executive Board

      The COFRA Executive Board (CEB) holds the ultimate responsibility for the business strategy and the management of the COFRA Group. It defines the strategic, organisational, financial and accounting rules, which are to be followed by the Group. The main duties of the CEB are regulated by the Swiss Code of Obligations, the Articles of Association, the Organisation Regulations and various directives, which it may issue from time to time.


      Maurice Brenninkmeijer Chairman
      Martijn Brenninkmeijer Delegate, CEO
      Edward Brenninkmeijer Owner Representative
      Louis Brenninkmeijer Owner Representative
      Martin Rudolf Brenninkmeijer Owner Representative
      Stan Brenninkmeijer Owner Representative
      Wolter Brenninkmeijer Owner Representative
      Karen Jones Outside Director
      Michael Asche Company Secretary

      Group History

      1841 Clemens and August establish C&A in Sneek
      1861 First retail store opens in Sneek
      1911 First retail store opens in Germany (Berlin, Königstrasse)
      1963 First retail store opens in Belgium (Antwerp)
      • First financial services activities in Europe
      • First business activities in private equity in North America
      1972 First retail store opens in France (Vélizy, near Paris)
      • First retail store opens in Spain (Valencia)
      • Retail business expansion into Canada (Peterborough, Ontario)
      1976 First retail store opens in Latin America (Brazil)
      1977 First retail store opens in Switzerland (Biel/Bienne)
      1979 First retail store opens in Japan (Tokyo)
      1982 First retail store opens in Luxembourg (Luxembourg Ville)
      • First financial services activities in Latin America
      • First retail store opens in Austria (Wels)
      1990 First retail store opens in Denmark (Odense)
      1991 First retail store opens in Portugal (Cascais)
      1993 Retail activities discontinued in Japan
      1996 First retail store opens in Argentina (Avellaneda, near Buenos Aires)
      • Redevco is set up as a dedicated real estate company
      • First retail store opens in the Czech Republic (Prague)
      • First retail store opens in Mexico (Puebla)
      • Retail activities discontinued in Denmark
      • COFRA Group is set up
      • Redevco acquires the GIB real estate portfolio in Belgium valued at EUR 1 bln
      • Bregal Investments is established
      • First retail store opens in Poland (Warsaw)
      • Good Energies is established
      • First retail store opens in Hungary (Budapest)
      • Redevco expands into Hungary
      • Banco ibi is established in Brazil
      • Entrepreneurs Fund is established
      • Redevco expands into Sweden
      • Redevco expands into the Czech Republic
      2004 Retail activities discontinued in North America
      • First retail store opens in Russia (Moscow, franchise formula)
      • Redevco acquires the Ahold real estate portfolio in Spain
      • Banco ibi Mexico is established
      • Redevco expands into Finland
      • Opening of 1000th retail store in Europe
      • C&A Money is established in Germany
      • First retail store opens in Slovakia (Bratislava)
      • First retail store opens in Turkey (Istanbul)
      • First retail store opens in Slovenia (Maribor)
      • First retail store opens in China (Shanghai)
      • Redevco expands into Poland and Russia
      • Redevco expands into Turkey
      • Avanti launches as a new retail brand - first Avanti store opens in Germany (Augsburg)
      • Redevco Asia and Redevco India are incorporated
      • C&A Online launches in Germany
      • First retail store opens in Italy (Fiumara, Genova)
      • Retail activities discontinued in Argentina
      • Sale of Banco ibi in Brazil
      • Avanti discontinued after the test-phase
      • First retail store opens in Romania (Bucharest)
      • First retail store opens in Croatia (Zagreb)
      • Redevco opens Gordion and Erzurum Shopping Centers in Turkey
      • Bregal buys out Englefield Capital LLP
      • Sale of Banco ibi in Mexico
      • C&A Europe becomes the leading retailer of organic cotton clothing worldwide
      • C&A Online launches in France and Austria
      • Anniversary year celebrating 170 years of C&A, 100 years of C&A Germany and 10 years of COFRA Group
      • Establishment of C&A Foundation
      • Redevco announces new strategy: focus on retail in core markets
      • Bregal launches Bregal Partners, LP and Bregal Sagemount, LP
      • First retail store opens in Serbia (Belgrade)
      • Sale of Redevco Turkey
      • Grundsteinlegung ALEA 101 in Berlin
      • Redevco publishes its fifth CR report presenting calculated intensity figures per retail category and at country level
      • First retail store opens in Denmark (Kolding and Aarhus)
      • Sale of C&A Bank in Germany
      • C&A Foundation launches global strategy
      • C&A is the largest user of organic cotton globally (according to Textile Exchange Organic Cotton Market Report 2014)
      • C&A and C&A Foundation announce three year partnership with Save the Children
      • Bregal launches Bregal Unternehmerkapital GmbH and Bregal Freshstream, LLP
      • Redevco launches Redevco Iberian Ventures, a joint venture with Ares Management


      Corporate Responsibility

      Business as a force for good

      We think business can be a force for good.

      The COFRA Group, a family business, builds on a heritage going back to the founders of C&A in 1841. It continues a tradition of engaged entrepreneurship and commitment to the principle of fair and honest dealings with all stakeholders that has characterised our work for six generations.

      We believe that businesses, and the markets they operate in, play a phenomenally important role in society. By creating an environment of trust where exchange, collaboration and creativity can flourish, they release extraordinary entrepreneurial energy, growth, efficiency and productivity.

      Some people still believe that the sole purpose of business is profit, that the responsibility of management is simply to maximise shareholder value, and that economic efficiency is a good in and of itself. We agree that a business which continually amazes its customers will generate profits, and without profitability will not survive for long. Profitability is therefore critical to a responsibly led business. Great businesses that are well run have profits as an outcome of their success.

      Markets are powerful, but not perfect. There are certain costs that are not accounted for in the free market. Some goods and services can have significant negative impact on our environment, on our societies, or on individuals, either through how they are produced, how they are used, or in how they are disposed of afterwards. Climate change, scarcity of resources, unsafe and unfair labour conditions, and environmental damage are all examples of these ‘negative externalities’. Mother Nature doesn’t know to whom to send the bill, but for these externalities neither do markets, so sooner or later we all pay the price!

      Eliminating these externalities is a continual process that involves all of society. NGO’s play a crucial role in helping discern them, and governments help shape the playing field by defining regulation. Only when externalities have a value can markets begin to efficiently manage them. But not all externalities are being priced in, and the market is a tough place. To survive one must create more value for the customer than others do. Looking beyond profit is challenging and is often considered as being outside the scope of the responsibilities of business.

      We don’t agree: it is our belief that business can make a profit and make the world a better place. Business has the responsibility to continually look for viable ways to first mitigate and then eliminate negative externalities; indeed the goal must be to move towards generating positive externalities. Commerce, the engine of high-speed change, is uniquely positioned to do just that.

      Of course this is not easy! Sustaining the innovative and creative energy to find ever better solutions requires a commitment to a broad set of ambitions beyond mere financials. We care deeply about the way we do business and the impact our decisions have on people, communities and the wider society. In this we are guided by three overarching principles:

      1. Human dignity. We recognise the inherent worth of every individual and therefore we work to safeguard human rights, labour conditions, respect for life, ethics and justice. Within C&A, for example, this means we want to help build a fair, safe and sustainable apparel industry in which everyone, from farmer to factory-worker to customer, can thrive.
      2. Sustainability. To us, this term demonstrates our solidarity with future generations. We must be supportive of economic development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
        The “cradle to cradle” approach is an extraordinarily powerful concept that can guide us to a path that does not come at the expense of our natural resources and planet. We aspire to integrate this concept into our practices.
        Sustainable business models respect the rights of workers, improve livelihoods and care for the environment. As one step along this path we wish to work towards a future that is carbon neutral to the atmosphere and seek to increase the intensity of clean energy in all that we do.
      3. Good citizenship. We want to be positively engaged and mutually supportive of our local communities, and contribute to positive economic, social and environmental development.

      Investment as a force for good

      Many individuals, whether as investors or beneficiaries of pension funds, tend to feel far removed from the actual real-world impact of decisions made on our behalf by asset managers. They take the responsibility and all we see is an index of how the returns were “better” than others because they are higher. But markets drive efficiency within what is allowed, not by what is “good”. This is a very difficult area because there is no generally agreed definition of what is “good”. The financial markets need a shared idea of an 'arbiter of value', and all that everyone can agree on as yet is money. It is our belief that it is far from sufficient. We aspire to advance the development, understanding and use of broader metrics in pursuit of investing in a socially responsible way. We can act upon our human values while we create economic value.

      Together we are harnessing business as a force for good

      Harnessing business as a force for good is a journey. It is one we find inspiring despite the fact that we are far from where we would like to be. Every time we think we have understood what being a force for good requires of us, new opportunities and challenges appear on the horizon. The complexities of the challenges mean that we are eager to join forces with others. We are grateful to all those with whom we have been able to collaborate constructively over so many years. Respectful of the challenges, we invite our partners, suppliers, customers and fellow actors in the market place to work ever more closely in creating real, sustainable and positive impact together.

      Corporate Group

      Cofra Group philantrophy

      Reflecting the strong values of our shareholders, COFRA Group Philanthropy represents many charitable initiatives that aim to help people lead dignified lives. These activities are founded by the COFRA Foundation, the C&A Foundation (including Fundación C&A in Mexico, Instituto C&A in Brazil and Georgia Assistance Fund) and the Redevco Foundation.

      COFRA Group Philanthropy aspires to practice a strategic philanthropy, by working to improve lives within those communities in which we operate, as well as by inspiring colleagues across the globe to contribute to their own communities. Support is being provided in the form of grants, investments, and time or in-kind contributions, with a particular emphasis on encouraging employee volunteerism.

      COFRA Foundation

      Focuses on supporting those initiatives that inspire and motivate employees of COFRA, Anthos and other affiliates, largely through its matching grants and Propose a Project Programme. In 2013, COFRA Foundation supported 21 employee-initiated projects in 16 countries.

      C&A Foundation

      C&A Foundation is a private foundation that aspires to a fair and sustainable apparel industry in which everyone can thrive. The foundation works to address the deeply-rooted challenges of the sector by supporting and driving initiatives, and partnering with key stakeholders to maximise results. The affiliation with C&A not only allows the foundation to test, replicate and scale programmes that can help the apparel industry become a force for greater good, but also compels the foundation to support communities affected by humanitarian crises.

      Redevco Foundation

      Engages its employee base in identifying and supporting smaller, local charitable initiatives in the communities in which it works. Such employee involvement not only creates a sense of pride, but also supports smaller beneficiaries who are “closer to home” and may not necessarily benefit from more institutional funding.

      COFRA Holding AG

      COFRA Holding AG

      COFRA Holding AG

      COFRA Holding AG, originally founded in October 2001, is the holding company for a privately-owned group of companies located in Europe, North and Latin America and Asia, whose main interests include retail and real estate, as well as corporate and private equity investment management.

      The Holding sets the Group strategy and is guardian of the aims and values shared across the businesses. This includes creating sustainable value for our owners and exciting career opportunities for employees. The Holding also provides legal, tax and financial services (e.g. treasury, accounting, risk, internal audit) to the Group.

      COFRA is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland.

      COFRA Mission statement

      COFRA's mission statement focuses the group's energies for the future, providing a description of the road ahead, the purpose of the organisation as well as defining success and outlining the essential principles that need to be followed to achieve success.

      The mission statement serves as a living statement that can be translated into goals and objectives at each level and for each business within the Group.

      "COFRA is a global family-owned and -led business, creating sustainable economic value for its owners and exciting career opportunities for its employees through a dynamic portfolio of investments in retail, real estate, financial services and corporate investments, with the unique ability to attract, retain, develop and promote exceptional talent both from within and outside the family."

      COFRA Values

      COFRA's values are non-financial yardsticks for economic prosperity and have been inspired by COFRA's tradition, by its commitment to the human dimension and to the economic and social well-being of all concerned. COFRA is committed to five core values, each of which can, in turn, be subdivided into three value components. They define the benchmarks for practical implementation and application of the core values.

      ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND PROFESSIONALISM - We stand for successful entrepreneurship
      1.1 Sustainable Financial Results: We achieve sustainable economic success through outstanding professionalism.
      1.2 Customer Focus: We strive to be best in listening and responding to our customers' needs today and tomorrow.
      1.3 True Leadership and Competence: We inspire through our aligned and service-minded leadership and competence at all levels.
      INTEGRITY - We stand for honesty towards each other
      2.1 Dealing Fairly with All Stakeholders: We behave honestly with everyone and act with respect and responsibility.
      2.2 Communicating Openly: We achieve our aims through open dialogue and by confronting reality.
      2.3 Achieving a Balance between Results, People and Environment: We are aware of our wider responsibilities.
      GROWTH - We stand for optimal professional development. Of ourselves, our colleagues, and those we are responsible for
      3.1 Growing Rewards through Growing Competences: We believe in growing our businesses by growing our people.
      3.2 Continuously Improving: Know thyself: we use and balance the powers of self-esteem and self-criticism.
      3.3 Honouring Achievements: We subscribe to meritocratic principles and reward good work.
      CONTINUITY - We stand for continuity through creation of opportunities for future generations.
      4.1 Balancing Optimisation vs. Maximisation: We aim for the best today, with our sights set on a better tomorrow.
      4.2 Developing Win/Win Relationships: We strive for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders in the longer term.
      4.3 Maintaining Sustainability through Change: We act as stewards of ongoing adaptation.
      DEDICATION - We stand for dedication, self-responsibility and self-discipline by all.
      5.1 Serving the Purpose, Serving the Person: We give meaning to our work and act with passion.
      5.2 Reaching for Excellence: We believe in balancing ambition, risk and reward.
      5.3 Sharing a Culture of High Performance, Solidarity and Fun: We aim for excellence and do best what we do together.

      COFRA Business Principles

      The COFRA Group has been committed to the principle of «fair and honest dealings» with all our stakeholders since the creation of the family business by Clemens and August Brenninkmeijer in 1841. The COFRA Group Business Principles are therefore a reaffirmation of the ethical standards that have always sustained the company. They serve as a framework which defines the scope and the minimum standards underlying the individual COFRA Group companies’ specific codes of conduct. This allows for a consistent approach across the COFRA Group companies for a shared development of ethical best practices. The COFRA Group Business Principles complement and should be read together with the COFRA Mission Statement and the COFRA Values.

      In accordance with the principle of fair and honest dealings, COFRA Group complies with both the letter and the spirit of local and international laws. We endorse the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, and the principles contained in the UN Global Compact.

      The COFRA Group Business Principles apply to all COFRA Group companies.

      Business integrity

      Our reputation for high standards of business integrity is one of our most important assets. COFRA Group’s business is founded on the trust of its employees, business partners, customers and society at large.

      Human rights / labour standards

      We respect local laws and cultural identities without prejudice to the overriding global principles proclaimed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We believe that these global standards apply to all our commercial activities.

      In accordance with the core international human rights conventions, we recognise that states have the prime duty to protect their citizens from human rights abuses. At the same time, we acknowledge our specific responsibilities to respect the human rights of those with whom we come into direct and indirect contact in the course of our business, particularly employees, customers and communities.

      Environmental sustainability

      We promote high standards of environmental responsibility, with a view to achieving long-term sustainability. We seek to increase the economic value generated by our businesses, while reducing our ecological footprint. We strive to minimise our ecological footprint by making efficient use of energy and by increasing the share of renewable energy sources in our overall energy consumption. We strive for sustainable use of water. We seek to reduce waste and to consider options for recycling.

      We consider the direct and indirect environmental impact of our business activities and the lifecycle of our products, from the cultivation and production of raw materials upstream to the support for sustainable consumption initiatives downstream.

      We support a precautionary approach to environmental challenges, supported by technical risk assessments where appropriate.

      Business partners

      The COFRA Group works with a wide range of business partners, including suppliers, contractors, joint venture partners, and companies in which we invest. We are committed to the principles of fairness and honesty in all our dealings with partners.

      In choosing our partners, we seek to identify and engage with companies that provide high-quality and competitive services and whose values are compatible with our own. In all cases, we will use our influence to ensure high ethical standards, with particular regard for business integrity, respect for human rights and environmental sustainability.

      Seeking guidance and reporting problems

      We see it as our duty to take appropriate measures to identify and remedy situations that conflict with these COFRA Group Business Principles. By encouraging a culture of openness and accountability within the COFRA Group, we believe that we can help prevent such situations occurring.


      COFRA Holding AG is the holding company for a decentralised and diverse group of businesses with over 50,000 employees. We depend strongly on our employees and do our utmost to promote individual success and development. It is primarily our people and the extent to which they can reach individual and COFRA objectives which determines the success of our Group. Integrity and respect are important values within COFRA and in concert with entrepreneurship are the foundation for historical and future development of our people and the organisation.

      COFRA's opportunities

      COFRA Holding is and intends to remain a family-owned and -managed group of companies. Through investing in people, COFRA achieves two major objectives: growth through performance and long-term health through balanced strategic investments.

      Your opportunities

      Occasionally COFRA Holding offers opportunities for professional and senior management employees with excellent track records in the areas of Finance and General Management. If you want to be considered for such a position you should have relevant education and experience.

      For opportunities with one of our businesses, or direct contact with them, please visit their websites.


      COFRA Holding AG
      COFRA Holding AG
      Grafenauweg 10
      PO Box 151
      6301 Zug


      Cofra Business


      Cofra Business Retail

      With more than 170 years of experience spanning six generations of the same family, C&A is one of the leading fashion retailers, with an expansive network of stores and online-shops in Europe, Brazil, Mexico and China. C&A's aim has always been to provide high quality affordable fashion for the whole family, for every occasion and every style.

      The success story began in 1841, when the brothers Clemens and August (C&A) Brenninkmeijer opened up a textile warehouse in Sneek, the Netherlands. C&A would later set many benchmarks for the fashion retail industry, offering good quality, ready-to-wear clothing at affordable prices, introducing standard sizes as well as the customer-friendly option to exchange goods to name but a few.

      Cofra Business Retail

      By 1910, numerous stores had been opened in the Netherlands and expansion started internationally, with stores in Germany (1911) and England (1922). Since then, C&A has established itself in Belgium (1963), France (1972), Spain (1973), Brazil (1976), Switzerland (1977), Luxembourg (1982), Austria (1984), Portugal (1991), Mexico and the Czech Republic (1999), Poland (2001), Hungary (2002), Russia (2005), Turkey, Slovenia, Slovakia and China (2007), Italy and Romania (2008), Croatia (2009), Serbia (2012) and Denmark (2013).

      Cofra Business Retail

      C&A purpose

      At C&A, the customer is priority number one. C&A offers good quality fashion products at attractive prices. The product range - from trendy through to classic fashion for the whole family - caters for every taste and is able to fulfill every wish of the customers.

      C&A purpose

      C&A operates close to 2,000 stores in 24 countries across three continents with more than 55,000 employees. C&A continues to set trends. New innovations together with the business philosophy of providing good value-for-money fashion for the whole family has earned C&A several awards over the past decades related to its brand and business, often based on consumer surveys, and its initiatives and activities around corporate and social responsibility.

      We Care

      C&A committed to doing business in a sustainable way since more than 170 years. Sustainability is a core element of C&A's business model. At C&A, this means to look beyond the purely short-term considerations of risks, opportunities and financial results, but to take responsibility for the company’s economic, ecological and social behaviour. As a consequence, C&A seriously cares for product quality and safety as this matters to its customers; for its employees be it the C&A staff in the stores or those all along the value chain; for the protection of the environment and for the sustainability of all parts of the value and supply chain including the legal and ethical standards and work conditions in the procurement markets. Work is done directly, through involvement and collaboration with partners and the support of the C&A Foundation. A comprehensive Corporate Responsibility report is published regularly and information is also posted on the dedicated website.

      Key CSR initiatives are around water stewardship and the urgent need to eliminate industrial releases of hazardous chemicals (“Zero Discharge”) as well as organic and more sustainably grown cotton. In 2005, C&A became a member of what was then Organic Exchange, which is now Textile Exchange, a non-profit organisation that has helped the company to develop its strategy for the cultivation of organic cotton. In 2013, C&A and the Water Footprint Network announced partnership to improve water sustainability of the textile supply chain.

      Through the work of the C&A Foundation and previously the C&A Initiative for Social Development, C&A demonstrates how responsible corporate social and environmental responsibility works in practice. A wide range of social and environmental projects are financed in those countries where C&A's products are manufactured, going right back through the entire supply chain. In addition, donations are made to alleviate the effects of acute natural disasters and support is given to small-scale social projects in urban areas where C&A is present.

      C&A has been working in partnership with some of the leading names in the provision of aid – among them being Terre des Hommes, Grameen Foundation in Bangladesh, GIZ in Asia, and Oxfam in Ireland.

      C&A We Care

      C&A adopted a Code of Conduct that clearly defines its ethical, social and ecological standards. These are binding components of all its business relationships. Adherence is mandatory and compliance with the Code of Conduct was monitored through the operationally independent organisation SOCAM (Service Organisation for Compliance Audit Management) from1996 until June 2013. Since that date, the SOCAM team and operations merged into C&A Sourcing as Sustainable Supply Chain, with the objective to more effectively drive change and improvements throughout the C&A supply chain in close collaboration with the sourcing organisation.

      In Brazil, C&A took a clear leadership position in corporate social responsibility. In 2006, C&A was the first Brazilian fashion retailer to audit its supply chain and monitor patterns of socially responsible business in Brazil through the independent organisation SOCAM. Also, C&A is the only Brazilian fashion retailer to issue a bi-annual sustainability report focused on activities of its Brazilian operations. In 2010, it spearheaded its sector when signing the National Pact for Eradication of Slave Work in Brazil, which aims to implement tools for Brazilian companies and society to avoid the sales of products from suppliers that use irregular work.

      Cofra Business
      Real Estate


      Cofra Business Real Estate

      Redevco is an independent, pan-European real estate investment management company specialised in retail property. The combined portfolio of more than 500 properties is spread across the strongest retail concentrations in the UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland and Austria. At present Redevco offers real estate solutions for more than 1,000 retailers including many major national and multinational retail companies throughout Europe.

      The company acquires, develops, lets and manages properties, ensuring that its portfolio optimally reflects the current and future requirements of its tenants. In doing so, Redevco strives to meet the needs of the market with the most relevant, sustainable and inspiring real estate solutions.

      The Redevco team combines intimate local market knowledge with retail real estate expertise to deliver consistent investment performance. There are more than 200 dedicated professionals working in offices throughout Europe, ideally located for access to prime retail investments opportunities.

      Mission and Purpose

      Redevco’ mission is to be the real estate partner of choice for retailers.

      Cofra Business Real Estate

      As a business, Redevco is very proud of its heritage and strong values. The company is committed to invest in buildings which are sustainable in every sense of the word. This means investing in urban environments that are both inspiring and appealing now and for future generations. Properties which will endure as places where people want to live, work, shop and be entertained. And buildings that are energy efficient.

      Business in Balance

      Cofra Business Real Estate

      'Business in Balance' summarises Redevco's approach to Corporate Responsibility. Its core value is to balance business and surroundings. Socially responsible entrepreneurship and an ethical business approach determine everyday work processes as much as decision-making. Redevco is committed to making the impact of its initiatives clearly visible as it continues to develop the relationships with its stakeholders, working together with them to jointly achieve the best results.

      This means strengthening the positive impact of Redevco's activities on society as a whole while reducing any negative effects. In Redevco’s view, people and their surroundings are inseparably linked. It is therefore the company’s aspiration to go beyond meeting the basic legal requirements and to stay ahead of regulations where possible. As a leading international organisation, Redevco aims to have its projects conform to the most stringent laws and regulations, even in countries where the requirements are less strict

      Redevco focuses on five Corporate Responsibility themes:

      • Business integrity & compliance
      • Towards a green portfolio
      • Supporting local communities
      • Getting the best out of our people
      • Working towards sustainable office operations

      COFRA Business
      Corp. Investments


      Corp. Investments

      Bregal Investments is a global family of private equity and fund investment vehicles. Bregal was founded in 2002 to consolidate and grow COFRA’s private equity investment activities and has since invested over EUR 7 billion (US$ 9 billion).The Bregal team brings experience, stability, and a long-term outlook to all of its investment activities.

      Bregal has:

      • Scale - approximately €7 billion ($US9 billion) invested or committed
      • Global reach - spanning Europe, the Americas, and Asia
      • Focus - businesses under €500 million ($US650 million) in enterprise value
      • Breadth - across buyouts, special situations, energy, and fund investing
      • Experience - leadership teams averaging over 15 years in their specialties
      • Balance - across direct investing (75%) and fund-oriented investing (25%)
      • Strategic focus - to transform and grow businesses

      Bregal's dedicated funds include:

      • Bregal Capital – European middle market private equity fund
      • Bregal Partners – North American middle market private equity fund
      • Bregal Energy – North American private equity fund focused on energy
      • Bregal Sagemount – North American private equity fund for growth companies
      • Bregal Private Equity Partners – Global investor in private equity funds, secondaries and selected co-investments
      • Birchill Exploration – Alberta, Canada oil and gas company

      Entrepreneurs fund

      The Entrepreneurs Fund is COFRA Group's venture capital investment business aimed at developing innovative ideas and markets. Entrepreneurs Fund provides early stage and growth financing alongside active support to entrepreneurial teams internationally. Current areas of technology investment include life-sciences, clean tech, materials and (online) retail related technology.

      The focus for the Entrepreneurs Fund is new pioneering business that can demonstrate a first-class entrepreneurial team. To meet Entrepreneurs Fund's criteria, businesses must be in an early or growth stage and have a business concept with an opportunity for sustainable financial growth. That growth also has to be achieved in a responsible way in line with COFRA Group values.